October 05, 2008

Brief Overview

I have made this blog in order to get people involved in understanding bible prophecy and how to interpret it. In no way am I an authority on bible prophecy. However, I do believe that many of the main stream churches and denominations have it all wrong. It is important to use the scriptures and scriptures only. It is important to pray and study your bible. I have studied the Book of Ezekiel, Daniel & Revelation. I listen to Perry Stone, Jack Van Impe, & Ellis Skolfield from which I make my statements on this blog. Perry Stone is by far the best preacher and truly a man of God. You can go to their websites below:

Perry Stone: http://www.voiceofevangelism.org/home.cfm
Jack Van Impe: http://www.jvim.com/
Ellis Skolfield: http://www.ellisskolfield.com/