October 05, 2008

7 Year Trib, Really?

Everyone of us that have studied the end times prophecies of the Holy Bible have heard of the "7 Year Tribulation". Most have never questioned where the thought "7 Years" came from. That is exactly what this post is about. It is important for us to be critical of the things we hear from others, including me. We should listen to others and then read our bibles and pray to God for understanding. Remember, there is no "Gray Area" when reading the bible. It is what it is! If we read the words and apply the words; the product is scriptural fact.

So, where did the "7 Year Tribulation" theory come from? John Darby of the Plymouth Brethren theorized that the 70th week was actually a Seven-Year tribulation that would take place at the end of the Christian Era. Darby then imagined a 2000 year gap between the 69th and 70th weeks to make it fit his prophetic scheme of things. Darby also figured that the day-years of both Daniel and Revelation were the first or last half of his so-called Great Tribulation.

There is absolutely nothing, biblically or historically, that supports the "7 Year Tribulation". Like it or not. This is the facts people. Read and study it for yourselves.

God Bless,

Martin Taylor